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Kakheti Wine Tour

Trip to Kakheti region (famous wine making region of Georgia, rich of various sorts of wine). Kakheti – Eastern region of Georgia. Kakheti is considered as a cradle of wine. Telavi the Capital of Kakheti.

Tsinandali – Museum of the 19th century. Situated to the north of Tbilisi-Telavi highway. Famous for its beautiful garden and wine. 
King Erekle Museum - Fortress and residence of King Erekle the II. King of Georgia in the 18th century.

Gremi – Centre of Kakheti kingdom in the 15th – 16th c., situated on the bank of the river Intsoby.

Old Shuamta – Architectural complex with three churches belonging to the 5th – 7th c., 7 km. away from Telavi.

New Shuamta – 2-3 km. away from Old Suamta, church built by Queen Tinatin in the 16th century.

Alaverdi – Cathedral belonging to the 11th c., central-domed church of St. George.

Ikalto – Architectural complex with a domed church (the 6th c.) and Ikalto Academy (8th – 9th c.), cultural and educational centre of the 11th - 12th c. were situated here.